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November 21, 2018
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December 2, 2018
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Promotions and Messaging Platform

Companies can use our platform to design, configure and run their promotions on the fly. Our platform is integrated to the mobile networks already which saves the corporates the hustle and costs on connecting.  The promotions can use a wide range of channels – SMS, USSD, IVR, App and Web

The platform includes a prize management and billing management module.

Innovators and Apps developers can also use our promotions and messaging engine to develop their own innovations. The innovator can focus on the solution and simply connect to our API for messaging, promotions and competitions management.



  • Speed and Agility in Promotions
  • Real-time Customer Response Tracking
  • Use Digital and 150% Mobile Penetration for your promotions
  • Increase customer loyalty

Unique Features

  • Anytime , Anyhow via  SMS, App, USSD  or  IVR
  • Bulk and transactional messaging available
  • Prize management module
  • Billing management module
  • Self-service portal to configure your customers and business rules
  • High availability servers and infrastructure
  • Reports available


  • We support integration to your business solution of service
  • The payment gateway is a hosted service, you simply get an API and connect
  • We provide operations support and customer care


  • The platform is provided FREE of Charge
  • Fair usage policy applies